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  1. I love my upgraded 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute, incredible guitar for the price,
  2. Remove humbucker rings gold screws and put black screws,
  3. Very nice job , perfect design with the vibrola arm. I' m not sure about the Epsilon letter
  4. The picture show an ebony fretboard with real MOP inlays. My 2015 SG Standard has real MOP too
  5. I am interested in your tortoise guard, do you know if it will fit a casino coupe. If not mind sharing where you got it?

  6. I have this Epiphone Tortoise pickguard for sale, send me a PM
  7. The SG Bordeaux is awesome ! :D :wub:
  8. This is crazy how a 5 ply wide bevel pickguard upgrade nicely .
  9. I like the 2018 Les Paul Faded, 2019 Les Paul Tribute tabacco burst is very nice IMHO
  10. 2018 SG Standard is a great SG, enjoy !
  11. I' m agrre, Nice Gibson Firebird clone , It' s not mine but I prefer Banjo tuners and Seymour Duncan mini-humbuckers. Is it normal the 1 ply pickguard?
  12. Epiphone ''Custom Shop Limited Edition'' is highly collectable, yes! Of course .....
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