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Anyone in Brooklyn or nearby that can check out a guitar for me?


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Sorry, not near Brooklyn, but checking the listings, there are some curiously good deals, double listings with different prices, and one Banner SJ of questionable burst and pickguard for a fraction of what they tend to fetch. Have you had phone contact with the seller yet? Always lessens the stress a bit once you get a feel for the seller, especially when making a trip to unfamiliar areas. Which guitar were you interested in? We'd promise not to snipe your quarry if you post it here for consideration, right?

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I though the same... also a mint 2011 Hummingbird TV for $1400?

Maybe too good to be true

Exactly- especially the TV Bird at 1400... Earlier this year, a seller would not budge for less than 2900/shipped for his ‘08 TV, before I ended up getting the HB-V at approximately the same $.

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Received an email from the seller today if anyone wants to pursue [thumbdn]



First of all, I am not a guitar player and the Gibson is in Amazon custody right now.

You can buy it from there if you contact amazon at office@amazon-retails.com with the reference number #52756283002833.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.





Michael J. Levy



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