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Hi all, I am a total newbie to guitars and anything to do with them. BTW If asking for this kind of information is not allowed I apologize in advance. I recently acquired through inheritance a 1984 Gibson Les Paul Studio. I verified that it was that year through research. Seems it is according to the serial number, made on the 139th day with plant number 557 (Nashville). It is a dark woohttpd finish outter with lighter wood maybe maple on the inner towards center. However it has some very weird spots on the wood, they are not scratches, but do not come off with any kind of rubbing. I do have the original Gibson case as well with the manual but nothing more definitive to lead me anywhere with more information. I would like to get it insured and I'am looking for some sort of direction, the only thing businesses in my town want to do is buy it but the prices they are quoting seem to be rather cheap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!






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I have no idea regarding the value, but what you have there is not a "Studio" but I think it is a "Studio Standard".


The Studio Standard's were manufactured from '84 to '87. The only differences to the studio are the bound fingerboard and bound carved-top body.


I would think that being a short run model, that the value would be a little more than your everyday studio.


Good Luck

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