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Epiphone Custom Classic Pro - embargoed in Europe???


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Here in the UK a couple of years ago I bought a Custom Classic Pro with the Gibson pickups and it's become the favourite amongst my Epis. It plays and sounds superb. I own the black one and I'd love to buy the white one to go with it.

But I can't. Because for some reason Epiphone won't distribute this model in Europe. It's still a current model though:

Epiphone Custom Classic Pro


But it has that mysterious "Exclusive - available at selected retailers" in the description. What does that mean? Why can't Epiphone supply me with a guitar I want to buy? Why was it available up to a couple of years ago and then embargoed in Europe? Is it anything to do with the fact the pickups are Gibson? There is a model floating around called 'Classic Custom Pro' but it has Epi pickups.


Does anyone know what this is all about?


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My guess, its just discontinued.

A quick look on US retailers brings no results so they're not leaving us over here out.

It feels like new les paul models are released weekly so no suprise really and the models with gibson pickups seem to be limited runs.

The new custom classic pro looks just as good.

If gibson pickups are a deal breaker, buy a gibson or upgrade the pickups in the new model.

Epiphone sometimes take ages to update the website models.

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I just did a quick search of Guitar center here in the US, the New Jersey store shows a white one in stock and ready to ship.


Not that I am in any way connected to GC, but it does look like this was a limited run Guitar and is out of production.


They are asking 599.00 (With free shipping they claim) and I will PM you the info.

I get that the UK has a 20% duty and all, BUT it is the one you want.

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