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Check vintage Neil live this very moment


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Have to confess I quickly grabbed my 200 and mouth harp holder and did a duet with him on Heart of Gold, lol. Used the one he gave me, blown reed and all :)

Hahe, , , that's the spirit.


Regarding you never seeing any dipping the harps i liquid while working with him, , ,

"I didn't see any evidence of his mouth harps being put in water",

I'm sure your the evidence fell in place here.

He also confirmed what you told in the last N.Y. thread : That beats the bones out of them.

First watering then burning them out fast. .


Glad U appreciated this (no D-18 and overlooked J-200) broadcast.

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Here is a vintage moment captured by a Gibson employee in Chicago, August 29, 1974:

I have the entire Wembley-show from the mid-70's tour and it's impressing.

The 4 hour odyssey starts slightly over-geared, as if they try to sing up the place with their bare lungs,

but soon finds the right level and becomes a joy to watch. Everything happens during this concert, it's a trip and I won't go into details.

Apart from showing another pic of Young with the John Smith, which he only uses in a couple of tunes, maybe just 1.

(are we sure it ain't the Guild version)


1974 ~ suceGxg.jpg

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Well, , , turns out the archtop was put away to re-emerge almost 10 years later.

This time incarnated on the rather corny Everybody's Rockin' earlier seen on this Board in Old Freds avatar.

Not a Gibson or. . . .

Some of you may recognize the logo.


1983 ~ 7qa74mg.jpg


Yes, the pink groove was shocking, Neil. .

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