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So I am home today and


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I go to see if N. Korea is launching anything we can shoot down and my DVR switches to

All My Children. WTF, these are the same people who were on the show 30 years ago. Do they

ever die? Or just die and come back?


These actors must be billionairs by now.


and possibly some of the worst acting I've seen with the exception of any orginal Sci-Fi channel


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Sure, sure, you're DVR just switched to All My Children. Admit it, you are a closet soap dude. :-


You have a good point though. My wife is a fan of The Young and the Restless. Those people have been on that show for ever. Also, she watches it at night while I play my guitar. I'll come out of my room and even though I've not seen any of it for weeks I can tell exactly what's going on. It's like it's the same DAMN story line that goes on ad nauseum.

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