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cool idea for a guitar


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i have always thought that those rickenbacker 4003 bass' were really cool looking. wouldn't it be cool to make a guitar that was that sort of shape. i might make one eventually, i would have it by ash, with a neck through body, two sing coil pickups and either a humbucker or one of those wrap around pickups like they have on the rickey bass' (i wonder how that would sound for a guitar, dose anyone make a guitar pikcup like that), a 5 way switch, 1 volume that would be a push/pull pot for more tones, and 2 tones, one of which would be another push/pull pot for coil tapping the humbucker if it were there. the neck pickup may be a stacked humbucker as whell, which would mean one more push/pull pot.

it would be my favorite colors too. black with gold hardware. and the knobs and single coil PU covers would be cream, along with the body binding. the pickgaurd would be b/w/b. and the neck would be maple with an ebony or rosewood fret board. it may also have neck and headstock binding, depending on what kind of fret board material i use.

it would either have a bigsby or a strat style trem with a gold ash tray cover. probably the strat trem.


imagine this as a guitar.


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uh oh! i already have enough annoying "metal" (actually emo, but they say they're metal) white kids bothering me. but i don't actually live in seattle just in the area. oilpit no talking.


oh and that rickenbacker guitar is not the same as what i'm talking about, it is simular in body shape but not as cool as the 4003. i'm drawing a picture of my idea i will post it when it's done. you can see the difference.

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i have finished the drawing of my design and i am quite pleased with how it turned out. i am now seriusly considering building this this summer. it would be black actually but i didn't color the body black because i thought it might take away from the sketch.


also that icman on the dimarzio site is pretty cool. but i don't like the i dont like them as much as my idea.


oh and oilpit i was saying that you can't tell were i actually live cause you know the exact location.

xD no talking oilpit! no! no! hahahaha


anyways here's the pictures






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