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12 String ES-335TD 1965?


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I recently inherited this guitar, it needs a bit of TLC but is generally in good shape. I'd love some help identifying it properly based on my research I *think* it is a 1965 but not 100% sure. Also not exactly sure what I would call the color. Serial number is: 346468, stamped in the headstock and on the orange Kalamazoo sticker. No made in USA and the sticker is mostly hand written.


Images below:







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Everything about the guitar says 1965, including the serial number. I recently sold a nearly-identical (except for the knobs) near-mint 1968 ES 335-12. The finish is a traditional sunburst which has faded a bit over time, which is also typical. When they replicate that faded 'burst in a modern guitar, they often refer to it as an ice tea 'burst, or a faded sunburst.


By the way, that's the original case, which is actually more rare than the guitar.

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