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great guitar player- leo kottke


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Wow, am I ever impressed!


I first learned about Leo Kottke as a college kid in about 1973 and boy was my idea about guitar playing ever set on it's ear! I began buying his albums and set about trying to figure out how in the world he could get so much music out of one guitar..........I'm still trying. A few years later I was able to see him perform in concert and was even more impressed and amazed! I was especially taken by the Bozo guitars he played at the time, and the fact that he could do so much with a twelve string.


Count yourself among the most fortunate for having Leo as a friend!

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Early seventies (maybe 1970?) Vaseline Machine Gun was on the FM stations briefly, and I was hooked. I saw him in concert three or four times, the first playing a cheapo loaner because the airlines destroyed his traveling guitars. He sounded great on a plywood crappo import, and drove home the point that it is the player, not the axe.


There was a PBS half hour bio about LK where he was scuba diving in Minnesota somewhere, anyone remember that?


I haven't seen him in awhile but it sounds like he is back on game after a bout with tendonitis; Jannus you are a lucky guy to meet a legend.

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