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Aloha from Texas, Hosers.


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When I was a wee little lad scoping out the artwork on my brothers Kiss Alive album cover, I remember seeing something that caught me eye. It said, "Kiss uses Gibson guitars because they deserve the best"

It was at that moment when I became more aware of other Gibson players. Peter Frampton is one. That one guy from that one band. Oh, you know... They did that song about a sweater or something. And something about immigrants and lemon juice and they did one talking about the way his mom moved that made her sweat or something like that. Led something. Or something.

And then you have bands like Rush and everybody else from the 70s. They all played the best guitars in the world.

And so do I. First Gibson I ever got was a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom. The Black Beauty. The Fretless Wonder. Call it what you will. I just call it mine. That was back in 1985. And I still have that bad boy. I keep it within arms reach.

In 86 my dad made a deal with me. He said, "AnubisXII, you can have anything you want. Anything at all".

And I was like, "YES!!! Hell yeah!!"

"But you gotta be willing to work for it"


So the following year, we went in on an SG. Pawn shop special for 250. And that was the day I realized that theres gold in them there pawn shops. For a decent price too.

And then they invented the Pawn Shop Equalizer. AKA the Internet. Now everything everywhere is the same price. And none of it is a good deal.

But that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Unless I change it. But if I do, I'm sticking to it until then. Because that's how I roll.

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Hello and welcome again, msp_thumbup.gif I replied on your other post. So you have a Custom Gibson Black Beauty, What a excellent guitar. congratulations on such a fine choice.

Oh, by the way, on your delete question? After you post and it appears on the thread? You will see on the bottom delete, Edit, Reply & Multi Quote boxes below. Just click on the delete box to remove extra copies you make by mistake. It will ask you, Are you sure you want to delete this? Just click the Yes box.

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