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New es355 vos help!


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Hi all,im new to the forum ,and would appreciate some advice.I recently was given a 2017es355 v.o.s. with bixby.Ive been an acoustic player(j45custom rosewood)and have never owned an electric..besides a good set up any r ecomendations on strings,gauge size,maitainence.etc.i enjoy fingerstyle,light strumming ,blues,jazz.

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Hi, welcome to the forum. You would probably be better posting this in the Memphis section of the forum.

Strings are really a personal choice, but the guitar will have come with 10 gauge when it was new and there probably the best choice. Must be nice to be given a 355 [smile]





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I can’t vouch for the newer ES355, but I have a1960 ES 355 that I bought new .

For a long time I used flat wound strings because I liked the more mellow tone they produced.

Then around 1965/66 I guess, I switched to a medium to light weight string, ( think I started around 11s ) but then changed to a light weight 10 .

It’s really a matter of preference , just expereiment with different strings.

Good luck with your 355, they are great guitars, and I have enjoyed mine for over 58 years now.

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Hi and welcome. My 88 dot reissue has had 008"-038", 009"-042" and 010"-046" strings, each for long lengths of time. Eventually, I decided to keep it at the heavier 010"-046" and even cranked the action up a little to make it easier for what little slide playing I'm capable of. I should note that "high" action for me is still relatively low, maybe 7/64" at the bass E and 4/64" at the top E at the 12th fret. The neck has just a tiny bit of relief. This set-up allows me to play anything I normally play on other guitars but I think the tone is a little better with the thicker strings.


Set-up on Gibson guitars is easy; just take a look at a bunch of YouTube videos and your are pretty much set to go. A 2017 guitar should not need much; frets should be level so maybe just a truss rod tweak to set the neck with a small amount of relief once you've chosen your preferred string gauges.


What amp(s) are you running through?

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