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Hey, jutter! Welcome to the forum! My suggestion would be to buy an Epiphone...very nice guitars; very affordable. A Casino if you want an ES-330 thing with P-90's. The Casino is Epiphone's version of the 330. It was good enough for John Lennon! Being totally hollow, it requires some care to keep it from feeding back. My ES-330 is stuffed with surgical cotton for that purpose and it works well! Hope your search works out well. Post some pics when you make your purchase!

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I own 3 Casinos. A Vintage Sunburst Ltd. Edition Peerless Casino with Bigsby, a John Lennon Revolution Casino in Natural & a Vintage Sunburst 50th Anniv. Reissue 1961 Casino with Tremotone. All 3 are fabulous Guitars. I would like to add an Elitist Casino as well.


I also own a 2012 Vintage Sunburst Gibson ES335 with MHS Pickups which is dynamite Guitar!


If you want to go upscale I would have no hesitation with one of the higher end Epi Casinos like the Terada built Elitist. I would bet it's equal to a USA ES330 but less expensive...

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Also, the Inspired By John Lennon Series are excellent Casinos & should be in your price range. A Peerless Casino is too. If you can find one.. The Ltd Edition Gary Clark Jr. Blak n Blu Casinos (with or without Bigsby) is another great choice in your price range.. All have Gibson USA P90's & upgraded USA Sswitchcraft Components...

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