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  1. I like the studio II quite a bit, and it just sounds right to me, but the Lemon Burst with the MHS plays a bit better, at one point it may get 57's in it. This is the fourth git I've had with MHS (two were returned with serious quality issues) and I can say that to my ears the MHS are not much better than burstbuckers which I'm not a fan of either. I've (so far) never owned or played a 57 that I don't like, and that's quite a few.
  2. Any similarity to a 335 as a player's guitar is coincidental, play both you'll "get" it.
  3. Yes, I meant to say that. Gibson owns the right to call them what they want, I said they're mostly hollow and it sure looks it to me :-)
  4. Agreed, I have two gits with richlite, and from a player's perspective have no problem with richlite, but on a Supreme or 355? gimme a break. Gibson pushed me and many others into used gits and they lose sales not because the git has richlite, but because they're using it on a very uplevel git. I liken it to buying a premium car with cheap tires or carpeted seating :-) Not me! .
  5. You have the original strings on a 97? I have Elixir nanoweb 10's on my HRF and they feel GR8 on my fingers, make less finger noise than many, and sound very good. D'Addario strings sounded very good also before I went to Elixir on all my gits.
  6. Looks like an Asian copy of a Byrdland to me.
  7. I put a 5 ply black/white on my walnut finished 339.
  8. Yes, there WERE both models. I don't have a Les Paul Studio to compare to a standard Les Paul but do have both LP-ES models. On the studio (Mine is a studio II) compared to the higher end LP-ES the main differences are: The top is flat, there is no pickguard, the neck is not bound, the front and back of the body is bound black instead of cream, the head has gold Gibson (not pearloid) the back is painted with a dark almost black stain, markers are dot as opposed to trapezoid, pups are 57's (in place of MHS) and the FB is baked maple not rosewood. Neither ES are a Les Paul in the conventional sense, they have the shape and neck of a Les Paul as well as conventional hardware setup but that's where the similarity ends. Both are mostly hollow bodied gits (not semi-hollow like a 335 with a center block) with a front and back and rather light at around 6lb 6 oz. PS The studio plays as good as the much higher end LP-ES model but I give the 57's an edge over the somewhat shrill MHS pups.
  9. Forget the break angle, it has no effect on tone, it's movement is minimal and provides just a bit of fine tuning useful whilst holding a chord. Here's a video I made on the tuning effect (which was documented in the patent "claims") on my HRF.
  10. Plated metal looks crummy on every git on every brand sooner or later, even car bumpers do. The only possible somewhat delaying the issue solution would be to make a bridge from stainless steel, even then, it's "Stain-LESS" not stain proof.
  11. The middle position SHOULD enable both pups. Try this... With ALL of the controls all the way up (on 10) connected to the amp, and able to hear something out of the git. 1. Set the pickup switch DOWN (toward the floor right handed git) and tap the metal cover on the pickups Which pup makes a sound, the one next to the bridge or the one closer to the neck? (it SHOULD be the pup closest to the bridge) 2. Set the pickup switch UP (toward your face, right handed git) and tap the metal cover on the pickups Which pup makes a sound, the one next to the bridge or the one closer to the neck? (it SHOULD be the pup closest to the neck) 3. Set the pickup switch in the center position, and tap the metal cover on the pickups Do both make a sound when tapped? If one and two make a sound AND they are correct, AND you get only one pup in the center position you may have a bad switch. If one and two are NOT correct, perhaps some clown rotated the switch or rewired it, and may have screwed the switch up in the process. PS, the four knobs are standard Gibson wiring. The two closest to the neck are volume controls, the top for the neck and the bottom for the bridge. The two closest to the strap button are tone controls, bottom for bridge, top for neck pups.
  12. I'm awaiting the arrival of a 2018 339 and it has MHS pups. I'm not too happy about that because some MHS pups sound very good, others are shrill like the SD "jazz" model or BB's. I'll have to wait and see. I have some 57's to replace them with should I not like them, then I can sell the MHS to some pup swapping sucker... ahem discerning pup Connoisseur for stupid dollars:-)
  13. gnappi

    Mislabled BB1&2?

    Yeah, none of my BB's have any roll / stamped engraving on the bottom.
  14. gnappi

    Mislabled BB1&2?

    Every BB I have is as you described, plus a paper label on the bottom with BB#x on it.
  15. I never liked the 339 but have a number of 335s and 335 sized gibsons. I think that if you try a 335 with MHS or BB's you will find that overall they are a lot brighter and more "articulate" than any with 57s. I personally like 57s better because they are mellower and maybe a bit more forceful .Which some may call boomy?
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