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  1. gnappi

    Nut or Tuners

    Many / most players I know who had tuning issues were either not stringing them well, or a simple pencil lead application fixed it. After 55 years of owning, playing, and dealing with friends gits that's a bunch of problems easily solved without going "big hammer" on the problem.
  2. In general, the pups in both are righteous depending on your preferences, I like my custom quite a bit and for my purposes prefer the custom. Something else, the same price uplift generally applies to LP standard and custom models, but LP custom models are very available. If "rarity" and the visual appointments float your boat, then the custom is worth the buckazoids.
  3. gnappi

    Gibson 339 Help

    I have a 2018 339 and if one plays and sound better for you that's the desirable one :-) If you can't play either, then get the one that ticks the most visual boxes.
  4. Wow! I never read a form that gave the options divorced AND single. It's none of anyone's business who is divorced! I was resolute in the decision I made before the ink was put to the decree / paper work, I was single before the ink dried, and I never looked back. I pray for her, but with a head full of angry cats I doubt it will have any effect :-)
  5. My first (and only) marriage was 29 years. Like my Corvette, the happiest days of my life were my first and last days with it! I like to say "I was happily married for 15 years of a 29 year marriage" :-)
  6. I think mine gained an ounce for every year that this was originally posted in 2010. Jeez that added 10 ounces to my 8lb.6oz. 335. :-)
  7. Sorry, I'm not fussy about neck profiles, and don't follow some descriptions. The "slim taper" and "baseball bat" I get but between them isn't extreme, and I feel comfortable with them. This thread contains the reason I don't get into minute details on which is which...
  8. Forget hacking the 135, get a Gretsch, they're bright and already have a Bigsby... and I'll take those nasty 57's off your hands :-)
  9. I have and have had more than a few 335's, one of my current 335's is a black 1990 with Bill Lawrence pups (PCB type) is pretty much the 335 I now judge others against.
  10. My 2018 339 has no problems.
  11. In the 70's I had a 60's walnut 335 and a silly need to pay rent made it go bye-bye... It had a trapeze TP and it was THE 335 I have judged all other 335's by since then. Well since I'm no longer 335 deficient I was able to get a dark walnut 339. It's a nice git but not a 335.
  12. Several sellers on Ebay sell complete part sets from bodies they stripped and sell separately, Also some players buy to completely customize them. Maybe someone bought them to restore a beat up one or update a well used 330 sample? I once got a LP recording set of electronics stuffed in a SF twin on trade. I thought "who the hell would do that" maybe the git a cracked neck or other serious problem?
  13. Well, as a departure from those thoughts, I have bought as recently as 2018 some Gibsons that only a blind inspector could have called a "first quality" git.
  14. I do not own a 335 studio but do have a LP-ES studio and I like it as much as the much "better" standard model, in face with the 57's in it I like the sound better than my standard with MHS which are rather shrill. The "studio" models I have played are easily as good as a standard 335 but with less bling, and they are much like the ES-333 which I have and like a LOT.
  15. This one looks like a legit 2009. I "thought" Gibson did not start slowly implementing / using Richlite until late 2010 and was in full swing by 2013?
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