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  1. I recommend you read my post, I was funnin with myself and pointing out things NOT by any stretch like "clones" Maybe it's invaluable when looking at a fake represented a genuine.
  2. You don't get it... look at ANY other semi guitar the controls and parts are aimlessly scattered on the top. FWIW since some may not have noticed, it's NOT about TWO points lining up, it's about multiple points lining up. Anyone can see that two points will line up on every git. That is unless there's only one volume control.
  3. Has anyone ever noticed that the layout of parts and features on Gibson 335 gits is nearly perfectly aligned with other parts or points? It can't be coincidental. I drew the lines (pic below) over a 335 body, then looked at other brands and the lineup of parts is nonexistent on them. OK, I DO have a bit of time on my hands being retired three years, I KNOW it may look like it, but I'm definitely NOT a John Nash type :-)
  4. Yeah... Aside from the logo being a bit high, and the dotted "I" looking weird, the crown inlay is too high by at least a half inch as is the truss rod cover not looking correct. I've never seen a Gibson with inlays placed like that, or the TRC so "big" especially if it were custom. Everything on the body looks spot on. The OP never posted more detailed pix here of things like the nibs, truss rod nut and serial number on the rear of the head, hopefully he gets a positive reply from Gibson.
  5. I have one of each... Regret selling... A 60's walnut ES-335 with trapeze tail piece which I had to sell in distress to pay rent in the early 70's. It may be that my memory is more fond of the reality, but it was so long ago I choose the fond memory :-) Fave(s) today... I can't do just one I'm a "love the one you're with" type player and these change depending on how close they are to my practice room. My 2018 figured 335 and the Pat Martino custom.
  6. gnappi


    I use reverb very little, and when I do it's for very specific things that their idiotic search function cannot do anything but to limit the junk they display. They could learn a LOT about search filter limitation from Ebay and Craigslist with the use of "search limiters" like the MINUS character. Example: Gibson Les Paul custom -shop -sg -frampton -wildwood -frehley -bigsby -slash -black -classic Nope they allow the use of one single filer like not:sg like Gibson Les Paul Custom not:black Hmmm... 1322 listings all 28 at a time with "sponsored" listings thrown in over and over again. Add to that being forced to see the SAME git you do not want to see on every other page just makes wading through the "hits" more time consuming. This is (likely in order to force you to see the same gits over and over) and THEN the darn pages are limited to display 28 items. Oh, to "verify" your account you MUST give them your SSN or passport number? not me! Lastly I had an "issue" with a purchase, and Reverb will not intercede nor will Paypal, Reverb actually tole ME to start a claim? Huh? The SELLER initiated claims with UPS. Anyway I had to call UPS and tell them the git was damaged, they picked it up and since I did not have posession, I got a refund. Now I use Ebay and Craigslist almost exclusively and if there's a duplicate on Reverb and Ebay I use EBAY paypal protection works there. If some can tolerate that waste of time fine, not me. Reverb must be making money, but I don't get it.
  7. For some reason it seems like you're reluctant to just simply write Gibson with pics I suggested and they'l tell you a whole lot more than "long time Gibson dealer and specialist yesterday here in Copenhagen" Who clearly knows nothing next to Gibson. YMMV.
  8. If it's genuine Gibson, I'd suspect one of two things were done... Either the rectangular markers were removed and replaced, not a big deal for the right luthier. OR, the fretboard was replaced. Is the FB rosewood? It looks like Ebony? At any rate, there's no need to replace the neck to do the fretboard but refinishing the neck would be a PITA. If a luthier replaced the FB, I doubt it would have the nibs, if Gibson did it, it would likely have nibs. The Gibson logo on that one sets higher on the head than any I've seen, I think a call or Email to Gibson is in order, and pix of the back of the head and neck at fret edges may help as well as a look at the truss rod nut
  9. AFIK, Gibson lost the patent/trademark battle on their body designs a LONG time ago and the only protection they wound up with is the head design. I disagree and thing the whole body should have been trademarked, and IIRC the court decision was due to Gibson not attempting to protect body design very early on and the body was considered some sort of "public domain" design. That's IMO an idiotic stance for a court to take. I too am tired of seeing EXACT copies of Gibson models.
  10. I like the studio II quite a bit, and it just sounds right to me, but the Lemon Burst with the MHS plays a bit better, at one point it may get 57's in it. This is the fourth git I've had with MHS (two were returned with serious quality issues) and I can say that to my ears the MHS are not much better than burstbuckers which I'm not a fan of either. I've (so far) never owned or played a 57 that I don't like, and that's quite a few.
  11. Any similarity to a 335 as a player's guitar is coincidental, play both you'll "get" it.
  12. No "support" for win 7? Like fixing security leaks in Win internet explorer? don't use it, Virus updates? Nope not that either, Anyway boo freakin hoo. Linux is there and supported and I'll use Win 7 disconnected from the web for the VERY few things linux doesn't / can't do with Wine. BTW, I have a 1TB drive and have it 80% empty.
  13. Yes, I meant to say that. Gibson owns the right to call them what they want, I said they're mostly hollow and it sure looks it to me :-)
  14. Agreed, I have two gits with richlite, and from a player's perspective have no problem with richlite, but on a Supreme or 355? gimme a break. Gibson pushed me and many others into used gits and they lose sales not because the git has richlite, but because they're using it on a very uplevel git. I liken it to buying a premium car with cheap tires or carpeted seating :-) Not me! .
  15. You have the original strings on a 97? I have Elixir nanoweb 10's on my HRF and they feel GR8 on my fingers, make less finger noise than many, and sound very good. D'Addario strings sounded very good also before I went to Elixir on all my gits.
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