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Just spoke with Gibson, the Trad was introduced in late 2008. Just to confirm. Nothing before that year.

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My Mayan calendar stopped working several years back. Then somebody be lying about what they are selling. Oh right its the internet and I look like like Brad Pitt.

Sorry, didn’t to cause any trouble

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Evidently Gibson doesn't keep a lot of information regarding Guitars they've built over the years.


I recently called them to get accurate information & the correct Specs for my 2002 Gibson Bozeman Masterbilt J-160E. That was the terminology used when I bought it new from MF back in 2002.


I thought it was a typical J-160E. Plywood Top, Ladder Braced with P90's.... I wasn't very savvy about Guitars then (I still have a lot to learn) but since then I've learned it's a Solid Top, X Braced & has a P100 Pickup.


I called Gibson & gave them the Serial Number. I asked if they could get the Original Specs for the Guitar. After several minutes on hold the Rep came back & gave me information that it was vague. He said he'd check it out & email the accurate Specs..


A few days later I got an email from him. It said, it's a 2002. Hope that helps.


Their Website is better than it used to be but still vague in many areas...


I love my Gibsons & Epiphones but wish I could get more accurate information.

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