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Question about recently purchased 1980 Les Paul Custom

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I recently purchase an ebony 1980 Les Paul Custom with gold hardware. I have some questions about it.


The guitar has Seymour Duncan’s installed (JB bridge, /’59 neck) but the seller also provided the original T Top humbuckers. However, at some point in its life, someone removed the gold colored covers from the T Tops. I would like to reinstall the T Tops but with covers. I’ve found a few people selling older covers on Reverb but at fairly ridiculous prices (in my opinion, of course), and I have thought about buying some new covers and ageing them.


First question: will the gold humbucker covers currently sold under the Gibson name properly fit the 1980 (actual date stamped late 1979) T Tops?


Whoever installed the Seymour Duncan’s made a real mess of the soldering. That will need to be cleaned up as part of re-installing the T Tops. I notice that there is a metal sleeve in the switch cavity between the wood and open space in which the switch sits. My other Les Pauls, including relatively recent Custom, do not have a metal sleeve in the switch cavity.


Second question: is the sleeve something someone added to the guitar after it was first purchased or is it a part that was installed at the factory?


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