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Hello all.


I have had several Gibsons throughout my life. Taking one home is a special event. I took one home over the weekend. I drove 2 1/2 hours to pick it up. I got a good opportunity to play it yesterday and a bit today.

It's a 2011 R4 Les Paul Goldtop VOS. It is my 4th Les Paul. Wrap around bridge. Sounds good. Real good. I'm one happy guitar player. It records nicely and is very in tune. I'm a bit surprised, what with the wrap-around bridge and all.. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect - intonation wise. I'll be back to y'all with more findings as I delve into the magic, the awe inspiringness of this beast. Beastly tone. Fat. Phat. I hope everyone has a good night.

Talk to you soon,





A note to the webmaster:

This forum is not on a secure server or is not secure., at least at this time from Safari. (is it typical for a forum not to be secure?) This was nearly a deal killer for me, to sign up. I will stay on board for now, but you should really tighten that up. It is not difficult nor expensive and it may be chasing other potential members away. IMHO

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