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Does this Nashville ES-335 Look ok?


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Thinking about buying this, but I have a few questions.  Don't those parts look like chrome?  And the finish is very shiny?  Maybe I am just used to the Memphis VOS treatment (used to own one), but to me something looks a tiny bit off.  Also does the finish on the back of the neck near the heel look odd?  






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If it's like my Nashville '59 ES 335 Historic, the label will say '63 ES 335, Nashville , Tennessee USA. It will have an A-prefix serial number, with the first digit being 3.

The pickup covers on my '59 Historic are nickel, but because it has been kept in a controlled environment, there is no corrosion, so the nickel hardware looks very chrome-like.

The COA should be black leatherette, and have the model and serial number on it.

I am not up to date on values of these, but if it is pristine, I would guess around $4000. The photos you show look right, but the label will tell the story.

I don't know about that heel treatment. My guitar is cherry red, so there is no sunburst effect at the neck heel. It looks odd in the photo, but it could be the lighting.   Maybe ask for another photo with flat lighting.

The shiny finish is completely normal.

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