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Gibson skylark ga-5t need some help


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ok so i have come across a gibson skylark ga-5t and well its unlike the wiring and setup  i see from most the schematics i have been able to find online. i have some picture of the chassie i will attach with this post. any information you guys may have will be grately helpfull, as im not sure what tubes are sapose to be here or any tecnical information about the caps witch im sure are bad becasue of the horrid 120 cycle deffining hum i recive when it turns on. i also beleive i have a bad tube if not two. HELP if you have seen this arangment or own one of these variations of the ga-5t




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Yes - Replace the "firecracker" style electrolytic caps.  There may also be some white electrolytics with a + written on one end - like maybe the one on the center control pot.  Replace any of those.  Also make sure that the AC supply is wired so the black wire from the cord goes to the tip of the fuse, then from the rim of the fuse to the switch, then to the transformer, then back to the white wire on the AC cord.


Amplified parts also has small electrolytic caps.

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