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tech data for an orginal 59

Gibson CS

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i was curious, they had 500 k pots, and what kind of caps?

ive herd of the 888 rule (weight, pickup readings) but i was curious about the other kind of stuff

im asking what kind of pots? caps? tuners? strap buttons?



thanks for your help guys O:)

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Sprague Bumblebee caps back then.


Worth getting a copy of 'The Beauty Of The Burst' book. Will tell you most of what you might like to know and in some detail... :-)


I've been confused about the term "Bumblebee."


One of my LPs came with a bumble tag but I see no caps in the pot bay - just resistors. Are the caps mounted by the pickups?


Also, the resistors resemble bees with their stripes more than caps do - what's up?

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lol, or they can only read the tabs to enter sandman, and sweet child of mine



DUDE, archer, u have both the jimmy page les pauls


what is the eliptical neck profile? ive always wanted to play the page signiture, but never got the chance ](*,)


how is it? the weight the action the sound?


im dying to know haha

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The original Bumblebee caps had colour stripes on them that are marked the same as resistors. They are caps in there, not resistors. Sprague in the `50's used the colour bands. In 1960 when they changed the caps to 160P's the then marked them as .022's. the original caps were Paper In Oil until sometime in `59 when they changed to Mylar. There is no difference in a late `59 Bumblebee vs. the 160P(Black Beauty cap). Same cap.

Gibson used Centralab 500K Audio Taper pots from `53/`54 until they switched to CTS in the mid-Sixties. The CTS pots were 500K Audio Taper. I don't understand where the Custom Shop got the idea that they were Liner Taper.

The Bumblebee caps Gibson uses now are nothing like the originals except in cosmetics. The caps they use now a foil type made by Wesco and cost about 50 cents.

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