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Country Western nut width


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Not sure you will find that.

The original slope-CW's and SJN's from the mid '50's through early 60's (pre-square days) are 1 11/16". Square dread CW's, you need to check them individually, as some from the late 60's could be the narrow nut from that period.

Later vintage CW's (70's) probably have same nut width as other Gibson squares, as they were all built on the same platform. 

The banner Gibson registry shows  no SJN's, maybe because the wood used during those years wasn't good enough to do a natural top.

I have a modern custom-run SJ (not CW) re-issue with a 1 3/4" nut, so you may well find a modern CW with that nut width. Vintage? Probably not.

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6 hours ago, Watertownguitar said:

Thanks. So you are saying that there are no vintage CW's with a 1-3/4" nut width and some were even narrower that 1-11/16"?

I said I am not aware of any, because of the characteristics  of Gibsons during the production history of the CW. For sure, some of the square dread CW's from the late 1960's had 1 9/16" nuts, as did other Gibsons in that period. One forum member here went so far as to take the original neck off a narrow-nut CW from about 1967 and graft on a neck with a wider nut.

Could there be one with a wider nut out there? Sure, with Gibson, anything is possible. But you may spend a long time looking, and go down many blind alleyways.

As you are probably aware, the CW is a just a re-named SJ Natural, with the lasso label. The most famous one is probably Sheryl Crow's 1962 square dread version. They have done modern re-issues of that guitar, but I'm not sure what the nut width on those is.

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