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Hi all,

I'm an old (71) player of maybe intermediate skill (if I am kind). I only recently re-engaged with the guitar after many years of playing ukuleles because of arthritis in my hands. Long story short, the arthritis improved and I decided I missed the guitar, So, I started buying guitars trying to find the "right" fit. 

I'm a small guy, and my wife and I just play at home for fun. I can't handle big dreadnaughts and jumbos.  I'm kind of in love with parlor and smaller bodied guitars that can be comfortably played in chairs. I began with a Gretsch which was just too heavy and bulky. Then a Cordoba 3/4 nylon, but I didn't like that style of guitar.  Then I purchased a new Taylor 214 GS on a whim, based on trying it in the store. But, it was way too big once at home. I traded that back for a GS Mini, which I am using now.  We play pop/rock from 50s to 80s, and I generally try flat picking. 

Ok, all that out of the way, I really want a brighter "spruce top" tone, and I am drooling for an older Gibson, maybe even vintage. I am however, endlessly confused by the myriad model designations and trying to figure out which are the smaller bodies? So far, I think the L-00, L1 and L2 are the only ones small enough. But there are many, many other designations that I just don't know  the size. 

In the NEW category, I am intrigued with the Parlor Rosewood M. But I've never had a vintage guitar and I am wondering what I am missing? 

Any advice on small models appreciated!


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Welcome aboard.  Enjoy your stay.  I wish I could help you out, but I’ve only owned/played electric guitars and basses and know nothing about acoustics.  But If you post to the Acoustic Forum, somebody there should be able to help you out.  Good luck.

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Howdy, welcome to the board!   welcome.gif

Sorry, I have no Gibson acoustic, lots of electrics though..    If you have access to a guitar/music shop, stop and take a look at the Yamahas.   The FS series is a smaller, great sounding, concert sized acoustic.   I have the FS820, solid Sitka spruce top with Mahogany back and sides.  The FS830 is same build, but comes with Rosewwod back and sides and a little bit more bling.  They run $249 and $299 respectively.   These little dynamos pack a lot punch for $$.    The Martin 00 and 0 sizes are smaller yet and one of those may be perfect.

Good luck on finding "the one" ! 🙂


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