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Swapping PUs in Goth SG


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Hi. I just picked up a disassembled 2004 Epi Goth SG -- haven't started putting it back together yet. My impression of Epiphone stock pickups has always been that they were a bit dark and muddy, without a lot of character, so I thought I'd go ahead and plan on swapping them out, maybe for a set of Dragonfires or GFSs. Anyone have thoughts on the PUs that come standard in the Goth SGs, or what might make a good replacement? I'll probably mod and resell it,  so I'd like to make it a versatile guitar, and not just a hi-gain screamer (which the Goth models seem to me aimed at). Appreciate any feedback before I start the project...



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Update - I've since learned that the stock pickups are Alnico V humbuckers, but all the reviews I read say they don't clean up well and in combo with the guitar only really work for metal and hi-gain tones. Is that your experience? If I don't need to swap out pickups to make it versatile, I'd rather not. Then again, I'd rather not reassemble the guitar and string it just to find that the pickups won't work for me, then tear it open again.

Thanks for any insight you can share. 

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