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So here we go....


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Try 'em all. I did and settled on these.  Not overly bright, good bass thump, great price and decent longevity.  A buck cheaper through Sweetwater.


I tune all mine down D-D though.


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Depends on the guitar, including its condition and neck set, as well as how you use it. I used Martin monel mediums on my 1950 J-45 back in the 1960's and 70's, but use DR Sunbeam PB lights  (.012-.054) on that same guitar today, as well as on my other Gibson flat tops. Back then I played a lot outside for/with others, and the extra volume of the mediums, plus the "cut" and distinctive nickel tone of the monels, was a plus.

Now  I play for myself and usually by myself, so the PB Sunbeams, which are easier on the fingers and more mellow in tone, fit the bill.

I've been tempted to try medium Sunbeams on my modern SJ, just to see what they're like.

If you use heavier strings on a vintage guitar, keep an eye on it for changes in action. Mediums add substantially to the tension loads on the guitar.

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