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I'm pretty sure these guys are out of business now, but they made some real good pedals while they were up and running.

I've owned the HBE Ultimate Fuzz Octave (UFO) since 2005 and recently picked up the Psilocybe Phazer.  I like both pedals very much.  In fact, the UFO is first in my signal chain because it's very versatile and well sounds great to me.

Anybody else own HBE pedals?

I'm looking for two pedals in particular from them and if you're not using the Germicide or Power Screamer send me a private email and maybe we can make a deal.





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Yes I remember the Power Screamer, highly rated and I should have bought a tweed one.....I didn't, went for an Xotic AC+ which I still use and a VS Jekyll&Hyde I should have kept.

They still come up though you'll have to pay- hope you can see this link -



Hope you are well Cali, best wishes.

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