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L Series?


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Good advice from you, Jim.  The comparable price and condition ranges are conveniently available on the two major guitar dealer sites.  I got a little more info from HBM, and it is an LG2, but with the distant photos and hardly any details I suspect my fellow vintage nerds know that to lend an opinion without more details is a wild swing, thus the lack of reaction...so far.  Maybe more info will come.

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Thanks for the insight.  I don't see any numbers on it anywhere.  After some research, maybe worth $1500 - $2500?  Condition, I would say is poor, but it still plays and sounds good.  Could use a neck adjustment.

So for you that have one:  wall hanger or player?

Apparently this has been in his sons toy box for years!!  UGH!!



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All my players hang on the wall.  This guitar, if playable, is one of the more desirable small bods out there, so I'd look at it with that in mind.

Neck adjustment, a la truss rod tweak, isn't the same as a neck reset, which is done when minor action adjustments can no longer help the playability. 

If it was summer I'd drive over to take a look at it as I'm just an hour away, but a qualified luthier will quickly assess and give you a cost estimate.  I haven't seen anything in your pics or description that would scare me off.  How serious are you about owning this?  It looks like it's part of a yard sale lot in earlier shots.

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Probably LG-2 from between 1947and 1949, with the open-back tuners and black fabric interior side stays. Hard to judge the condition of this one from the pictures.

In good condition, worth about $2.5k -$3k.

They are good small guitars, but lack the punch of a larger slope-J or the dry bite of earlier L-series like the pre-war L-OO.

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12s (lights) of some type. Depends on the individual guitar and taste of the owner. I prefer PBs such as DR Sunbeams for their warmth, others prefer 80/20 for brightness. If the guitar sounds dull, consider 80/20.

Gibson Masterbuilt Premium are almost always a decent choice, but they do not seem to last that long for me.  Right now, I have Sunbeams that have been on guitars for a year, and I'm just now getting to the point where I feel like changing them.

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