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Coda music, Stevenage, uk


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I have just returned from a trip home to the UK. I visited Coda Music in Stevenage, and have to say I don't think there is another store in the UK like it. Wall to wall acoustic guitar paradise! The Gibson range was not disappointing- except they are still waiting for the original series to arrive. However, one outstanding playing and sounding guitar was the L-00 studio. It's in store price was £1299. An absolute fantastic guitar.much more than I expected,

The studio Dreadnaught was also a wonder- though square dreads and I parted company many years ago.

Can't stump up for Gibson? Sigma have a very impressive copy line. I don't know how they look so similar without raising rights infringement.

These guitars run In the 3 to 6 hundred pound range. Then a third 'knock off' which will make you sick with envy is England's own Atkins guitars. Gibson pre war and early post war replicas. Again simply stunning guitars - but for these you pay more than a modern Gibson equivalent. So if you're near by Stevenage pop in and indulge.

Anderson's in Guilford also knockout stuff. I hear voices saying LG-2.....


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53 minutes ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

I played an L-00 Studio in Guitar Center in South Carolina. It was a tight little beast. Walnut backs look really cool.

That's the one...quite something it was.


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