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This just in... Rush's Alex Lifeson agrees with Homz and Thunder God


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I took this out of this month's Premier Guitar Magazine.


You guys should subscribe online, it's free.


Alex Lifeson on using a Telecaster along with a Les Paul or PRS.


... the Tele is the one I really gravitate to in the studio. It’s my favorite writing guitar. That Tele is a ’59 reissue, but we changed a few small things on it like brass saddles, and we took the finish off the neck so it just feels really different. I love it. And for me, writing on that guitar is just a very natural kind of thing. It just feels like the right instrument for me to be writing on.


In the studio I like to incorporate that sound against something like a Les Paul or a PRS. I find that it provides a really nice contrast on top of the thickness of that humbucker sound.


Premier Guitar

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It's evident by the reaction the guy gets every time he brings out his 355 that that's his main axe.

I found it interesting though how much he writes his guitar parts with the telecaster.

In the Premier Guitar article he states that the Gibson Howard Roberts was his main guitar for recording Tom Sawyer.

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