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  1. So years ago I posted a comparison between my weight relieved Les Paul and my chambered Les Paul. I asked you all to tell me which was which. I forgot the actual results but it was around 75% correct. So you can tell the difference. I can tell the difference with my eyes closed every time. In fact I can name each one of my guitars in a blind test. Even between my MIM Strats.
  2. Fender Limited-Edition Hot Rod Deluxe IV 40W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp Lacquered Tweed. The Mark V is still the best amp in terms of overall tonal ranges IMHO, but no matter how much I tweak it I can never get it to sound like a true Fender. The reviews all say that it is a loud amp. That's not right though. It's not loud...it's very loud! I was playing at a volume level of 1.5, and my wife said "we need to get a new house!" The funny thing is that it goes to 12. I'm not kidding. The lacquered tweed is so worth the extra $50, but you can only get it from GC (it's exclusive to them). The tone on this baby is everything that people rave about. The cleans shimmer, and channel 2 gets your classic blues tone. Fender did a nice upgrade with the Celestion A-Type speaker. What really impresses me is the reverb. I highly recommend this amp. Great bang for your buck. Goes well with any guitar, but I love it best with my Tele.
  3. Just got an call from the Director of Customer Service. He's not sure why my phone calls were never returned but he did state that it's unexceptionable. I told him that I don't take things personally, but business is business. He's working on it and promised it won't happen again. So hopefully there will be a good resolution to all this.
  4. Yeah, I know they have good sales. But I can always get the same deal at my local GC if I bring in their sale price. The owners at the HOG are really good to me, which is where I get all my big purchases. So, yeah, I've very lucky in that sense too. But they are an hour away so I don't get there that often. I used to buy all my smaller purchases at the local GC. But I couldn't stand that the salespeople pretty much didn't know much. I'm not saying all GCs are bad though. The Sweetwater staff are very knowledgeable, which is why I like using them. When I made my first purchase from them they "assigned" me a salesperson. I've made a number of purchases with them since that time. But, here's my issue. I call the salesman's direct line but he never answers. I leave messages but he's never called me back. Not ever! After a few rounds of this I end up talking to someone else. They are fine but then it seems as though the original salesperson gets the credit for the sale because I get an email from him. Last week I bought some small stuff going through this now "usual" procedure. But I forgot about a few things. So I left the original salesman two messages on two different days. He still hasn't called me back. As I said in the past I just talked with someone else. But, this is getting silly now. Yeah the candy is cute. But, they are certainly not making me feel special in terms of a valued customer. This time I'm going to complain. Am I the only one who feels this way and/or getting this treatment?
  5. Alex is by far my favorite guitarist. But he drives my batty! He doesn't know much about music theory but he can play in various modes (Lydian in Freewill, Spanish Phrygian in YYZ, Mixolydian in the guitar solo for Tom Sawyer, etc.). When he gets asked about theory stuff he just says "I don't know any of that stuff." Betcha that he doesn't know that the end chord of Limelight is a G#7sus. AARRGGG. He's just awesome. I do have a question though. In the last run of his solo he's hitting a G note that I think should be a G#. Listen to 3:06 of the isolated guitar. I'm pretty sure it's a G# on that run but in his lesson he's clearly showing a G. No? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUj1A6hGy28
  6. Thanks all! Her birthday is tomorrow. Today I got her 4 new tires for her X3. What a great hubby, right? She's getting some nice jewelry and a few other things. Gotta give a plug for the famous HOG in Rochester. As usual they are amazing. If you're ever in the area, this is a must-see for a guitarist or any musician. I always loved the sound of a Tele. What amazes me is how versatile it really is. The Mark V is exactly what people say about it. It's a tube amp that can "simulate" any kind of amp. Some people don't like them but it gets amazing tones if you're willing to spend time with it (OK, a lot of time!). I still have a lot of learning to do with it, but with three distinct channels, and a number of possible tube combinations, the tones are unlimited. Here are some highlights: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Fully Independent Channels with 9 Modes (Channel 1=Clean, Fat or Tweed™, Channel 2 = Edge, Crunch or Mark I™, Channel 3 = Mark IIC+™, Mark IV™ or Extreme) Normal/Bold Switch on Channel 1, Normal/Thick Switch on Channel 2 (Mark I mode only), Normal/Bright Switch & Pentode/Triode Switch on Channel 3 Each Channel features: Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Master, Footswitchable or Auto-Assignable Contour Depth Control, Footswitchable All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb Control, Rectifier Tracking™ (Auto-selects Tube for all 10 Watt Modes, Diode for all 90 Watt Modes, selectable Tube or Diode for 45 Watt Modes on Channels 1 and 2, Diode for 45Watt Mode on Channel 3) 5 Band Graphic EQ is Footswitchable, Channel Assignable and Selectable between 1 group of 5-Band Sliders or 3 channel specific, variable depth Contour Controls Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or True Bypassable Fully Buffered FX Loop with Send Level Control (over all channels when activated) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did get some things for myself too. Bought a Cry Baby and a Ibanez TS808 Original Tube Screamer. Also, decided to get all new cables for all my gear (Mogami all the way). All and all, all this new stuff should hold me over for a few days...he he he.
  7. Some of you may remember that I always wanted a Tele. Well it finally happened. The wife got me a American Professional Telecaster for my birthday: On top of that she got me a Mesa Boogie Mark V amp:
  8. I'm loving http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/. It's like playing with a band. Here is me playing Rush's YYZ. Here is just my guitar. I used mostly my PRS. I used my MIM Strat for the part where Neil and Geddy trade solos. The guitar solo was done using my Les Paul. I ran everything through a Line 6 Vetta II, and added effects later using Cubase. I tried to remain true to Alex's original recording (well, true enough in terms of my limited abilities). One minor thing. At the end of the first phrase of the guitar solo in the original version Alex ends on an E. In his live version he goes to an F#. I like that better because the next lick ends in an E, so we have some tension with the guitar in F# and the bass in B, and then release with the guitar going to E and the bass coming up to C. Nice Spanish Phrygian mode. Criticisms welcome!
  9. Been a while for me too. Wow this is like a reunion. I did some recording a few days ago, trying to bring back the chops. I'll post my attempt at playing Rush soon.
  10. Nice response Milo (as always). I think Arlen Roth's lessons on the Gibson website are great. Here is his Chuck Berry lesson.
  11. Damn, rocketman. Hear the track from when you were 16 and you guys were jamming. Drummer got right into that groove, it seems. Too cool!

  12. Damn, rocketman. Hear the track from when you were 16 and you guys were jamming. Drummer got right into that groove, it seems. Too cool!

  13. Nice job Searcy! Although I understand all of your technical details I certainly don't have the skills to do what you do. You should really do an online course. I'd pay for it!
  14. Nice! I like the four position transfer switch. Also, I've never seen a midrange controller on a bass? I'll admit that my knowledge of basses is limited.
  15. All excellent replies. I actually heard about the 355 before the 335. That's because the first player I started to learn from was Alex Lifeson.
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