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Did Clapper make it round some corner recently, , ,


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, , , well, never mind too much - it's just a number.

But talking 'bout numbers here's a nice little acoustic duet. Sometimes things like this end up in a mess, but the jam below actually shows how to do it. It's good. 

Sorry - no Gibsons


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Oh, yes- happy belated 75 to Eric yesterday.

Well, that was certainly a pleasant do by the two heavyweights. Eric on blues autopilot, and Pete, holding his guitar classical-style in a non-guitar friendly armchair, graciously letting Eric get them through some sort of obligatory(?) guitar performance. 

Looking at where the two were at in '89: Pete having released his steely The Iron Man, and Clapton with Journeyman, and 2 or 3 years before the groundbreaking Unplugged album.

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7 hours ago, Arlington said:

Nice, Clapton seems to be playing a Martin D-45

You may want to look at bit more closely at the body shape.

That may be his 1941 000-45, but the pickguard looks different from better pictures I've seen. The video is such low resolution that it's hard to tell for sure, however.

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9 hours ago, Arlington said:

Nice, Clapton seems to be playing a Martin D-45

Hey Arlington - and welcome. 
Nick has a strong point above, but I have heard Clapton praise the D-45. Never seen him with one though, , , yet. 

What I like about this little groove is that they show how it should be done when 2 guitars meet for a kitchen jam. And the simplicity  of the 12-bar makes it very easy to decode :

Listen the man who carries the torch (the singer), , who for his part naturally listens back and serve space for the other.  Here done on a silver-plate. 

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