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2019 Firebird I pickup


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Just took delivery on a 2019 Firebird I. It was advertised as a limited edition by American Musical Supply.  The specs on the AMS site lists the pickup as “ Firebird mini humbucker Lead” .

What I’d like  to know if this pickup is the old ceramic FB style or is it the newer alnico V style pickup.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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4 hours ago, Eades said:

That's the problem with exclusive runs, the information is never listed on the Gibson website for them, is there any information on the back of the actual pick up ?

On the bottom of the pickup is a label.

These numbers are on the label: 860 17033 L     08/06 /18

Pickup was made or installed on August 6, 2018. This makes sense because the tae that came in the case has a date of 8/20/18 which means that is was funal inspected on August 20, 2018.

The other numbers 860... have to be some type of ID for the pickup. Hopefully somebody can help out>

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I'd contact Gibson.  They will still have the specs on it regardless of origin.  But Gibson is becoming less and less forthcoming with the amount of detail in the specs they give, onsite and otherwise.  So you still may not get that level of detail, but I'd still ask.

Edit: posted same time as answer

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