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Nick Valensi Epiphone Riviera Truss Rod Cover Replacement

Lee Hanlon

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This might be a long shot but I was wondering if anyone might know where to get a replacement truss rod cover for this guitar. It seems to be a bigger size than on a casino/sheraton etc... I'm trying to find either a black or white cover with or without the E logo.

Thanks for any help!



IMG_9740 (2).jpg

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Lee - On Ebay, search for "Epiphone truss rod cover" and one should pop up that's sold by Philadelphia Luthiers.  It's black with white trim, and it's pretty inexpensive, so if it doesn't fit, you're not out much money.

As for your guitar, it's too bad someone swapped out the original Gibson P-94 pickups, but it's still a very nicely made instrument!


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I had a local engraver based in a hardware shop make me a custom made plaque for my dot a few years ago after fitting a bigsby, I couldn't find one for sale anywhere. I remember him saying it's not going to be cheap, him thinking it was a small peice of plastic. He charged about £3.

Back to the point, I took the truss cover off the dot to him as i wanted a custom one, he scanned the original in and i emailed him my design for the front, again £3. Perfect fit. 

May be worth a try if all else fails 

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