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Gibson L-00 Pro?


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Haven't been able to find much info in this model, the L-00 Pro, but have someone interested in a Martin that I have for sale and offered the L-00 Pro as a trade. The one being offered is from 2012.  I've owned quite a few J45's, AJ's and small body Martins and Waterloos along with a few Martin dreads, but never a Gibson L-00.. I have not really been able to find much info on this model of L-00 and wondering if anyone has had or played one and has anything to say about it, good or bad. I did find a few pics from one for sale from CME and attached the pics of it here just so you guys could see what it looks like. 






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13 hours ago, Oswald said:

There is a thread on AGF about this model, it was Guitar Center exclusive model, and there is no love for it --


All the better then. I sold the Martin this morning. Amazing sounding guitar but after 7 months couldn't bond with the thin/shallow neck. Put the money in the bank until I figure out what small body I might want eventually. 


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