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Marshall DSL 40 feedback


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Good afternoon all!


i just got my first tube amp.  It’s a Marshall DSL 40 and it sounds amazing compared to the Marshall digital MG series amps I’ve owned.  My question is when I play it on overdrive channel 2 it sounds like the speaker is vibrating too much at certain settings and almost like there is too much treble.  Is this normal for tube amps and do I need to just break the amp in?  When I play on the clean channel it sounds fine.  The amp isn’t on a high volume and nothing is maxed out but it almost sounds like the speaker is vibrating too much maybe.  Thanks for the help!

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New speakers do take some time to burn in so there is that.  

Also give us an idea of what guitar your using (Humbuckers, singlecoils?)

If you're using something like a strat, they will be bright, and that will get a bit emphasized when you kick on the gain stage.  Do you have a separate EQ Stack for Clean and Gain channels? 

Another thought.  Does the DSL have a "Presence" control?  (Most tube Marshalls do, mine is on the back of the amp)  That can add some top end beyond what you'll get out of the treble control

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