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Good pick up for a nylon string guitar


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Hi everyone.

I have a 1950s Otwin classical guitar. The endpin is loose which has prompted me to think about getting a pick up fitted.

I'd be very grateful for advice. I understand almost nothing about pick ups, especially for nylon stringed guitars.

Do they tend to be passive?

I'd like mine to be hidden, if possible.

Thank you in advance.

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What I use with it be of my classical guitars that has no pickup is a Cling-On pickup.  It sells for about $50-$70 and works quite well.  It comes with a small magnet that mounts inside the guitar and then the Cling-On pickup has the companion magnet inside its mount, so by putting it over the small magnet inside the guitar in the same spot, the Cling-On pickup stays on the guitar, provided its cord is wrapped around the strap strap button (so the Cling-On mechanism doesn’t slide off the guitar from gravity.). Then a guitar cord from an amp plugs into the Cling-On’s attached cord.  It works quite well and sounds good.  Plus, no modification to the guitar is needed.  I purchased extra magnets from the Cling-On website, so I also move the pickup to my uke (although not by the bridge) and to my 1936 guitar if I want it mic’d.    As well as on my square neck resonator guitar.  One day O plan on trying it on my 5 string banjo as well.  Since it’s basically a mic attached to the guitar it doesn’t interfere with a classical guitar’s classical guitar sound.  

That’s how I handle my classical and uke that has no pickup.  Search Cling-On guitar pickup on the web and you should find their website.  They are in SoCal if I recall.


QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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