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Thoughts on new Kramer Baretta Vintage?


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So I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the new Kramer Baretta Vintage guitars in ruby red. I was very surprised with how well it sounded and felt to play. It was set up well out of the box (nice low action, minimal to no fret buzz, nice fast neck) . I tried looking at reviews online, but there are almost no reviews or youtube demos online. The only one I found is from Anderton's where they show it for a few minutes with the other new Kramer guitars this year.  https://youtu.be/sIgNKzvvhp4

It's got a 1000 series floyd, and a Seymour Duncan JB, so it's pretty well equipped. But, I saw it's made in Indonesia, which makes me wonder if the overall build or quality of the parts is on par with prior Kramer's. love how the guitar looks, feels, and sounds and it's got great pickups and a solid floyd rose, so it seems like a great guitar all around. But is it worth the $700 price tag? I've seen older USA Kramer Baretta's be sold used for just over $1k, would it be worth saving up and getting and older used one from USA? Or is the quality of the new line worth the price they're selling for? The Baretta Vintage I tried is back ordered on most sites online, and the store I went to only had 1 left at their one store location (the other stores in the area were out),  so I imagine they're either in demand, or most retailers haven't gotten their supplies yet.

Just curious what thoughts are on the new Kramer line, especially the Baretta vintage were, as I can't find much online. Also I played the new Kramer Jersey Star and Baretta The 84, they were nice but the Baretta vintage def felt easier to play (less string tension, easier to bend), might have just been the way they were set up in the store.  

This is the guitar: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KBVRRUBF--kramer-baretta-vintage-electric-guitar-ruby-red

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