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1963 Les Paul Junior: Undoing 80's mods


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I have a 1983 Les Paul Junior (SG body style) that I bought in the late '80s, primarily because of the wonderful wide neck - for me, it's very playable. I recognized the guitar as a good thing to have, and had to look past the crazy modifications that had been done to it: ugly gold contemporary Grover tuners, a gold-colored Badass Bridge, and a strange gold colored, diamond-shaped strap button. Ugh. I suspect that someone did this because the entire cherry-red finish on the guitar had suffered what was probably heat damage, and was more or less completely crazed. I guess they figured anything flashy would improve the guitar's appearance.

Anyhow, I've decided to restore at least the tuners to the original Kluson "3 on a Plate" models. I have no idea at this point if the former owner/perpetrator drilled out the tuner holes or not. If that was done, I guess I'll have to consult a luthier.  BUT: What would you suggest I replace the gold Grovers with? Original (vintage) Klusons? Modern Klusons of the same style? The vintage Klusons are available here and there for some decent $$. The modern Klusons are pretty inexpensive. I don't know about the bridge, right now. I've heard that the original was notorious for making it difficult to hold accurate tuning.

TIA for your suggestions!


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the next thread down in this forum was a great masterclass in all things kluson three-on-a-plate. if the holes have been drilled out and widened, there are bushings from stewmac that can cover the span without having to fill in and redrill. 


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