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Double logo - does this happen?

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So my first Gibson I proudly bought in 1974 is this Les Paul Deluxe.  Of course, over the course of 46 years I have installed Grover machine heads and a couple more modifications.  After joining this forum, I had an itch to trace my old friend back to its origin or at least an approximate time it was built.  Well, here is a photo of the back head-stock. It shows a 6 digit number and Made in USA imprint. The front is what has me the most curious.  I have always noticed that there are two impressions of the logo. It looks as though it was laid down, covered up, and then laid down a second time.

Could  it be a fake?  Playing this ax for nearly 50 years ... well, it would be disappointing to say the least if I learn that my pride and joy was an impostor all this time.  Were decals available 46 years ago?  I just have to know. If anyone can shine light on my very first guitar and help explain why there are two logo impressions on the head stock of my guitar I would appreciate it. Thank you.


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