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Les Paul Signature Bridge issue

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Hi, I am the first and only owner of a '75 Les Paul Signature semi-hollow, low impedance etc.  

Recently I have been chasing down intonation problems, and I noticed that my bridge is tilted -- the bridge side sits lower than the neck side under tension and without tension, and with the strings slack, I can tilt the bridge forward and back.  This results in the saddles actually being farther back when the strings are tightened.  

I am wondering if this is normal . . . or if, after 45 years, the bridge is worn and should be either replaced or the mounting surface resurfaced!  


IMG_0650 crop.jpg

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I think this is pretty normal but the expert on these is a forum member called Grog.   So I hope he sees your post!

Many Gibson guitars do this, depending on what the bridge mountings are; the larger stud and collar mountings less so.

I have a LP Custom with the 1950s style thin screw posts which have a thumbwheel for height adjustment and the bridge tilts back a little.  I think these sorts of mountings are (obviously) more inclined to wear a bit.

Nice guitar BTW - I'd really like one - think they have low impedance pickups?  Sought after and very pricey now.

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Fortunately there are replacements available -- Kluson makes one.  Not sure if it's the posts or the bridge, but I can get both.

This guitar has been through hell -- neck reset and a refinish by Tim Huenke at Superior Guitar works (Gibson recommended).  So I think its value as a pure collectible is a little diminished.  But it's a great guitar when it plays in tune!  All original hardware.  Low impedance pickups, super clean, funky out of phase setting and impedance adjustment . . . so versatile.

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