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floyd rose 1000


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i got my jersey star delivered today, love it so far, but every description from every store and even the official sight says its a floyd rose 1000 serise, but what is on the guitar looks nothing like the floyd 1000. all the floyd 1000 pics i have sen show a back slant to the fine tuners, the one on my new JS are straight up. anybody know what is going on? here is a pic of it. it only says floyd rose on the opposite side from the arm. no other markings. as far as i can tell that means its a original and not a 1000.



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I'm no expert on the Floyd Rose tremolos, but I'm under the impression that the 1000 Series is called 'a series' because there are a variety of models in that particular line.

Just at a cursory glance around the inter-webs:
The 1000 Series (standard issue)
The 1000 Series Pro
The 1000 Series Pro (low profile)
The 1000 Series Special

Does it work well and stay in tune?

Rock out on it, and enjoy it!


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