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2009 J45


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Hello all. I just got my 2009 J45TV VOS LIMITED EDITION......................... I hope

It came in a beautiful brown case with pink lining.

The item number is RS4TPVSNH1

Serial Number is 00269003


I hope this is the TV VOS LIMITED EDITION


It does not say it on the label like the 2008

On the packing slip it says J45 TV


it is a beautiful sounding and playing instrument but I want to make sure it is what I bought.

Any thoughts.

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look at the label inside. it should say J45 VOS for the model. it should also say "true vintage" on the outside curve of the label on the left and "limited edition" corresponding on the right. my understanding is that there were 167 of these made for world wide distribution in '08. should have an adi top, a filmy finish and a black case, with no logo, that is hard to open. if you bought it from a dealer there should be a leather bound certificate of authenticity and a coupon that you'll mail in to redeem your case cover and gibson jacket with your model embroidered on the front. if it doesn't have all or any of this, you may have a 2009 variation on the theme. i'll try to cut and paste the original press release on this.



Upgraded, Limited True Vintage Hummingbird, J-45, and SJ-200 Now Available



The best of the best just got better.


Gibson Acoustic’s guitar workshop in Bozeman, Montana, is known for crafting some of the finest instruments ever produced in the 120-plus-year history of this storied company, and for fans of great vintage-spec flat-tops the True Vintage series is the cream of the crop. Now Gibson is releasing an extremely limited edition of just 167 pieces each of three selected True Vintage models, the J-45, SJ-200, and Hummingbird, all of which will receive deluxe upgrades worth as much as $1,500.


A Gibson True Vintage acoustic is already the closest thing to hopping into a time capsule and traveling back to the era when your favorite classic flat-top was born, but add these limited deluxe treatments to the brew and each model offers a rare opportunity for both players and collectors. Each Limited Edition True Vintage SJ-200 and J-45 will be built with a top made from solid Red Spruce, a rare and highly prized tone wood, and will be constructed with hot hide glue, just like back in the day. Their sibling the Hummingbird will wear a solid premium Sitka Spruce top with special Cherry Burst finish that matches the finish on the first run of Hummingbirds back in 1960. All will come with a custom-made, period-correct case (recreated from meticulous study of the original cases), and a Certificate of Authenticity. Each will also be labeled inside the body as a limited run of 167. Additionally, upon filing his or her warranty registration card, each customer will be sent a specially designed jacket embroidered with the model name of the guitar they have purchased and an embroidered custom-run case cover.




Of course, keep in mind that these Limited Edition upgrades are being applied to guitars that are already the most accurate vintage reproductions that Gibson’s Bozeman luthiers can create. According to Mike Voltz, Production Manager of Gibson’s Acoustic Division, all have period-correct details such as binding that is applied over the fret ends, traditional tuners, genuine bone nut and saddle, extra dark vintage-look amber toner, and a traditional orange label. Mahogany graces the back and sides of the Hummingbird and J-45, while the SJ-200 sports AAA-grade flame maple. The fingerboards and bridges on all the models are made from solid AAA Madagascar rosewood, and each employs historically accurate construction methods, such as hand-scalloped top bracing, wide X-bracing on the J-45, thin back braces on the SJ-200, and plenty more. “These are for the true collector,” Voltz says of the standard True Vintage range. “They’ve got that vibe.”


The SJ-200, or Super Jumbo, was born in 1937 when “Singing Cowboy” star Ray Whitley commissioned Gibson to build a grand, 17"-wide flat-top with a unique rounded profile and deluxe appointments. Soon other stars placed custom orders for similar guitars, and in the hands of Gene Autry, Tex Ritter, Roy Rogers and Ray “Crash” Corrigan this guitar—eventually made an official model as the SJ-200 — became the ultimate badge of acceptance for Country & Western artists. These early examples were generally constructed with rosewood back and sides, but following WWII the SJ-200 was reintroduced with solid maple back and sides, a move that gave the big-bodied guitar more brightness and definition. Post-1947, the spruce-and-maple SJ-200 retained its status as “King of the Flat-Tops”, a claim justified by its use by Porter Wagoner, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Pete Townshend, Graham Nash, and Emmylou Harris, among many others. This is the version of the guitar that is accurately presented in today’s SJ-200 True Vintage model.


Having evolved out of an earlier form of the Jumbo, the J-45 is the prince of a range of Gibson flat-tops now referred to as “Round-Shoulder Dreadnoughts”. This elegant workhorse debuted in 1942, and became an instant favorite for its rich, warm, vocal tone and excellent projection. Today, the J-45 is played by the likes of Bob Dylan, Ralph McTell, Billy Jo Armstrong, and Lucinda Williams. Carrying accurate touches such as a soft-V neck profile, teardrop tortoise pickguard, four-ply top binding, and banner headstock inlay (declaring “Only A Gibson Is Good Enough”), the J-45 True Vintage is an accurate representation of the instrument that became the standard of hard-gigging bluegrass, folk, and country artists of the 1940s and ’50s.


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With its split-parallelogram mother of pearl fingerboard inlays, crown headstock inlay, and elaborate three-point tortoise pickguard with engraved hummingbird motif, the Hummingbird True Vintage takes us back to the subtle glamour of this Gibson model of 1960. Built to the Square Shoulder Dreadnought body styling that evolved out of the earlier, more rounded-shoulder profiles of guitars such as the J-35 and J-45, this is still a big-bodied flat-top at 16 1/4"-wide across the lower bout, and it carved a niche for itself particularly as a punchy yet smooth folk and rock and roll rhythm guitar as a result. It has been used by the likes of Keith Richards, Marc Bolan, Sheryl Crow, John McLaughlin, and Jimmy Page. Where the J-45 represents the workman-like ethos of the early post-War era, the Hummingbird captures a measure of the pastoral whimsy and brave new horizons of the 1960s — along with a solid chunk of woody acoustic tone.

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Three classics of Gibson’s flat-top heritage, rendered with period-correct accuracy befitting their respective “Golden Years,” the True Vintage Hummingbird, J-45, and SJ-200 represent phenomenal achievements in contemporary acoustic guitar production. Given the deluxe upgrades and custom appointments of this Limited Edition series, they present an opportunity that all collectors of fine acoustic guitars will not want to miss.

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Hi there - i've got a 2008 J45 TV VOS that has the standard (Orange) gibson label and does not have the "True Vintage" along the outer edge. The model that is labeled on the sticker simply states "J45," nothing more.


I contacted gibson after getting it and it is in fact a J45 TV VOS with red spruce top. Mine came in the standard blue lined case.


So anyway - don't go on the label alone - get in touch with gibson to make sure. Mine was made as part of a limited run in 2008 before (or maybe during) the TV line. My favorite guitar by a long shot, enjoy it!

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Ok, here is my experience.


Everything jannusguy says is true. My J-45 says "J-45 TV VOS" on the inside orange label, but the oval on one side says "True Vintage" and the other side says "Limited Edition." Mine is a 2008 and came with the "period correct" case, which is by far the hardest case I have to open out of many guitar cases that I own. It is arched on both sides, plain black on the outside and has brown lining. In addition, my guitar came with a voucher inside for the 2008 True Vintage promotion, which gains me the case cover and jacket embroidered with the model name. This is the lot of 167 from what I have been told.


From here the plot thickens. I was hoping to get Sweetwater to compete on price, so I called my Sales Engineer there and he did some digging. He ran the item number you mention and he said that Gibson would be making the same guitar (J-45 with Red Spruce top) in 2009, it just wouldn't be "limited" and would not come with the jacket or case cover. I have no idea what case these would have shipped with. He told me that the 167 are sold out from Gibson and are only available as stock from retailers now.


On the one hand, I got a great guitar, good if PITA case, case cover and jacket. I get to call this guitar "limited," too. On the other hand, it seems that Gibson is going to be producing the same guitar in 2009 without all the goodies and not calling it "limited." So the J-45 LTD's are limited to the number Gibson can produce, apparently.


So to answer your question, yes you have a J-45 TV VOS but not a "limited" because I don't think there are 2009 LTD's, at least none that I have heard of yet. If you believe Sweetwater, it is not "limited" because it is a 2009. Not that that matters too much unless you really, really want the jacket and case cover. The item number is apparently the same as the TV VOS LTD's from last year.

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Thank-you powerpopper. I will call gibson to make sure. I really just wanted to make sure the guitar had the upgrades from the regular tv. Adi top etc etc . it sounds and plays great. I had called gibson before I got it and the guy told me to send the serial number to him. I also told him I have 5 gibsons and 2 martins and if I had a jacket I could promote the gibson guitar here in Canada.

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As far as I understand it, you have a standard TV but with an upgraded Adi top. Gibson has been doing these for a while...


You should have a check list that came with your guitar, check to see if hide glue is mentioned as that was another feature of the ltd editions. IMO the case you received is actually superior to the period correct black version so I certainly wouldn't worry about that. I'm not sure if the bracing was different on the ltd edition, but you might want to check that out as well.

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