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i really like the way this guitar looks


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Really sweet and I love the cut away. I bet it is a L-4 and the C denotes it is a cut away. There is a 1950 L4 on my local Craigslist and the same guy is also selling a 1957 L-48. I have been drooling over both....


Gibson L4



Gibson L48


I would be proud to own either. I assume since they are L series and acoustic not acoustic/electric, that they are solid wood, but I could be wrong on that. I am still gassing for the guy with the 1956 Gibson ES-135 found here:


Gibson ES-135


My local Craigslist is not helping my GAS attacks at all lately! But I do love looking at the old Gibsons!

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The seller used to go by the name Flip-it-fast. I've noticed he's been selling off his inventory at a frantic rate. I'm thinking that he's been hit by the bad economy. He's accepted some offers for as much as a 30% off his asking price. If you really wanted this guitar, you could make a good offer and he'd probably accept.



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that's the thing. i have no sense of what it sounds like. i bought my cf100e based on appearance (like a dope) and regretted it. i just don't have a feel for the tone of these things.


Point taken.


I can't speak for this guitar model in particular, but I've found that in the world of acoustic guitars, you're either an archtop guy, or you aren't. They have a sound all their own, and you either love it, or you don't. That's especially true of the non-electric variety (which this is).


I love em. This one will probably be loud and have a softly metallic tone to it. Ragtimey, jazzy. I would cruise Youtube and see what you could find to compare.


Did you sell your CF100E?

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