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No one has 335's in stock


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With Gibson being down for several months last year, its very challenging to buy a 335 now. I decided on the Gibson 335 figured 60's cherry red guitar. I am one of 15 people who order the same exact guitar at a popular music web site.  This is frustrating. The only thing I can see a tiny bit positive is with this cold freeze we are having in the US, my guitar won't be shipped until March. Now if I have to wait until April it will be a very l o n g  2  m o n t h  wait. 😩 

I hope Gibson has an excellent 2021. I'm pleased they are doing better since they restructured and I'm glad I can contribute to helping a great American company.  

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I looked again at the Guitar Center web site and they stated they have in stock the Gibson 335 in cherry red Figured. 

I called, talked to a nice person in sales named Kelsey and she placed my order. No interest 24 months and 40 days trial period. So happy. By the way they have two more in stock.

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