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L-0?, L-00?


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Can you help me ID this guitar? I have no intention of selling it, but it would be nice to know the value. I learned to play on this guitar back in the 70s. It's been sitting, unstrung, in a cheap case under beds and in closets since the early 80s. According to my father, he thinks his mother bought it for his father shortly after WWII, but doesn't know if it was new or used at the time. It's got a medium or large burst (definitely not small), back binding, pick guard, black bridge pins, and 14frets clear.


About the image: the burst color is not quite that red, it's a tad more amber; that's actually dust/mold in the bridge pin holes in the image.

Photobucket Link

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Are you sure the back is bound? The picture angle isn't the best to see, but if it is it is most likely a post 1936 version. I love these L-00s. If they were more affordable, I'd fill a room with them.

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Very similar' date=' but mine has a larger sunburst area.[/quote']


Another difference is the rosette. Sinker's has a bound soundhole, not a rosette like the one on Gutch220's L-00. If I'm not mistaken, Sinker's guitar is an L-00 from the early '40s.

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Check the FON on the neck block. If it has no letter, it's pre-1935. If it contains an A....

A 1935

B 1936

C 1937

D, DA 1938

E(x) 1939

F, FA 1940

E (only) 1941

G 1941

H 1942


This, according to the www.provide website


Some guys on the UMGF site are doing some cataloging work on L-00s in the Vintage corner.


I have a 1933 L-00 and it is a sweet guitar. Good luck with yours



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