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When did Epiphone first start building the EL-00


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I believe the EL-00 Pro came out right around that time.  But, prior to the EL-00 Pro, there was a similar model with the same body that was  just called the EL-00 that had no electric capability and had a slightly thinner neck, that to my recollection was around since around the early 2000s.  Also, someone on the forum also once brought up that a very early version of the EL-00 had a slightly different shaped body than the one that is generally associated with the EL-00 and EL-00 Pro as we know it.  

I’m a big fan of the EL-00 Pro (n/k/a the Epiphone L-00 Studio) as well as its former incarnation the EL-00.  I own a 2013 EL-Pro and a 2017 Limited Edition EL-00 Pro Natural Mahogany.)  

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff 

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Yes the pro came out after. Mine is the plain old EL00 no electronics, & I believe a skinnier neck? I bought it sight unseen as a result of the reaction to the guitar on this forum as well as the Gibson forum. I was just curious . I love the thing. No particular reason for my question.. curiosity, that’s all.

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I recall when the Pro version came out the advertisements stated it had a slightly wider nut and fretboard than its prior version.  I first had played the EL-00 and really liked its Gibson-like neck and was worried the Pro version would be too different as I was in the market to buy an EL-00 but had not yet done so.  However, when I found and it played the Pro I found it was only minimally changed, so no big deal.   The Pro’s fretboard is slightly wider but only a small fraction wider.  They’re both great guitars.  As it us I use a soundhole pickup on mine rather than the Pro’s built in pickup.

Enjoy your EL-00.  They’re great guitars that it seems few seem to know about.

QM aka:  “Jazzman”. Jeff


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I had one of the very first EL-00s from the late ‘90s. It was shaped like an L1, not an L-00 as per the latter models. I’m not sure how long the L-1 shaped EL-00s were made for, but I’ve only ever seen one either in the flesh or online, which is the one I owned!

It was a beautiful little guitar. I paid £150 for it secondhand with a Rare Earth pickup installed. I gigged it for several years and really enjoyed it. The neck was a little narrow but I soon got used to it. I traded it towards a ‘94 Gibson Blues King L-00 which was a lot more money but not significantly better, and didn’t stay for long. I wish I’d kept the EL-00!

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