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For those with multiple guitars: How do you store them when not being played?


Understandably in the case is optimal, but do you pile them on the floor? Have you a rack or shelving that you place them in? Suggestions. Pictures.


I've read the thread on stands and the lack of protection and potential damage they can do (eat away at nitro lacquer), so I'm curious as to workarounds.


Thanks in advance.

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The case is always ideal, according to Gibson.

I'll disagree on one small point, guitars get DROPPED in handling accidents all the time.



I play it, then put it on the stand.

Don't skimp, get good, heavy, sturdy stands.

When I'm done. it goes back in here.






Notice cotton on the stands under the guitars with nitro finish.

Anything else will bring heartache...





Here's another I have for other guitars.



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In cases and stacked against a wall (mind you I am single and there is no woman around here -- otherwise you do what they tell you.). I keep my guns in **locked** cases .. and for much the same reason -- they are not out where they can get dinged or exposed. They are on the move a lot. I play the Hamer at least three times a week. I play the Gibson at least 3 times a week and two weekend jams a month. I take the Yamaha in the car when I go places. The Tacoma and Washburn sit more -- but I consciously get them out of mothballs a couple times a month. The Washburn sounds much different than they Hamer and I am not quitre sure how to get them sounding alike. So themamp stays in my front room .. along with other junk like music stands, and BIAB music, extension chords, etc.

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