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My name is Steve. I live a few minutes outside of Charlotte, NC. Pushing 50, and have owned a guitar or some sort since my mid teens. I have never owned a Gibson guitar (I play "the brand" that isnt PRS, lol). I play purely more as a stress reliever than doing any performing so I guess that makes me a "bedroom player-level 1" still, as I have not learned a single song completely through in all these years. 

Enough about me.


My reason for joining is, I have a coworker who brought me a vintage Gibson Hummingbird to look at today, and he doesnt really know anything about it, and I certainly don't. I thought I would help him out and try to get some questions, that we both have, answered concerning his treasure. So I will be making a post asking for some opinions and solid information on this guitar. Hopefully I will put in the correct sub forum on the first try (thinking of you, mods).  

So, Hello, and to anyone who can help me and my buddy out, thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome

Post your enquiry in the acoustic section of this forum if you want an answer.  That's where the Hummingbird experts are at.


To include photos, which would greatly improve your chances of getting accurate info on the guitar,  you would have to upload them to an image-hosting site then copy and paste the link they will give - into your post on this forum.

Good luck!

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