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  1. Mr. Natural


    Right you are, Dude.
  2. My friend's little daughter thought Paul McCartney was singing "man on the rug" instead of "Band on the Run".
  3. I'm going to jump on the Blues Junior bandwagon. I've got the tweed with a Jensen speaker, and every guitar I have sounds great through it. This is a great thread. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back to the lounge.
  4. "Desiderata" (Not to be confused with National Lampoon's "Deteriarata".)
  5. Sometimes you just can't truss Gibson QC.
  6. Very nice. The Tribute is a great bargain.
  7. The GOAT? Who knows. Two of my own personal favorites; Peter Green and Mike Bloomfield. But, then again....
  8. No animal parts? Then no bone nut, no hide glue, no abalone.
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