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  1. If I had some hair to blow back, I'd be IN too!
  2. That might be fun to step on.
  3. But, it's so much fun (NOT!) to get off track! Anyway, I've been called several times. I've only served three times. Two were city court cases [60 in a 45 mph zone down a city street (guilty) and a car vandalism case (guilty).] I served as the jury foreman in one of those two; I just don't remember which one. The third was a county court case - a divorce trial. That case lasted a week and a half. There was an enormous discrepancy between his earnings and her potential to earn and provide, and it was the judge's job to split the property and established the child support p
  4. Don't go Bud. At least stick your head in every once in a while, if only to say "Hey!"
  5. The Gibson BR-6 basket case - THAT was a great amp.
  6. Welcome to the forum bud.
  7. Happy Birthday badbluesplayer! I saw a new commercial just today. If you can't get a-hold of Namath, now you can also call Jimmy J. J. Dy-no-mite Walker. If you need a reverse mortgage, call Tom Selleck. At least Joe Montana is hawking Guinness. I myself turned 70 on Juneteenth. It took 70 years, but now my birthday is a federal holiday. WOO HOO!
  8. dem00n! You're back! (if only for one last post?) I'm glad you're doing well. At which national lab did you do a stint? I worked for over 41 years in the DOE complex, and I visited several of the labs over that time.
  9. Very VERY nice!! Enjoy.
  10. Welcome to the forum Bryden - UK.
  11. Hey Shay, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I can't help you with the Kramer. I just don't know anything about 'em. Surely someone here might be able to answer your question. You might try posting this on The Gibson Lounge forum.
  12. Every letter he typed except one (the i) is on the middle row of letters on the keyboard.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Can we just call you Buck? It's so much easier to type than kjdhfgkijahdghs.
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