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  1. I've seen three or four over, maybe, ten years going to the Dallas and Arlington guitar shows. I could've bought a '60 lefty that had once belonged to McCartney, but I didn't have 75 thou on me at the time. (I think I may have spent a little much at a "gentlemen's club" the night before. I think there are more gentlemen's clubs in Dallas than there are gentlemen.)
  2. ... and "St. James Infirmary" is a great tune.
  3. Great stuff! Those guys are good. Murph, thanks for posting.
  4. I'm awaiting Black Stabat Mater, Smells Funny, and Enfant Terrible from Amazon. Amazon only had the live Evil In Oslo on vinyl or MP3. I've got a ton of vinyl but no turntable anymore. I'm not much of an MP3 guy, but this might be a band that's as good as, or better live than they are in the studio. Maybe I should become an MP3 guy AND buy a new turntable.
  5. Here in the U.S.A. it's impossible to buy an original '59 LP, unless, of course, you're a multi-millionaire.
  6. I like those big'o norse women.
  7. Breakfast was a plain bagel (toasted with cream cheese) and coffee at Starbucks. Then, on the way home, 3 margaritas at Torchy's Tacos.
  8. He was a good'un. I got to see him in Dallas at a blues festival in '90 or '91. RIP.
  9. Yeah, I watched that (again), too. THOSE were the days....
  10. Oh, jeez! This is terrific! I listened to the first 20 minutes or so, got on Amazon, and ordered some of her on CD.
  11. I imagine the cats in your neighborhood are starting to get a little nervous.
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