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  1. Gibson doesn't own Marshall, but they go together like bread and butter.
  2. Thanks for the dietary tip. I'm off for a nap now.
  3. Please excuse the steam of posts over the last 40 minutes. I just finished my Christmas shopping and got back from a 4 margarita lunch (with nothing to eat).
  4. It's the gremlins, man!
  5. Practice, practice, practice, and practice some more. And, get to San Diego with my girlfriend to hear Ron's Garage, (I'm not that really interested in hearing Ron's Garage, but they're one of my girlfriend's favorite bands, and I just want to spend more time with her.)
  6. "Great moogly-googly"? Are you channeling the Wolf?
  7. a guy with 2 first names? Like Sirhan Sirhan? Just kidding, Bud; I know you're a regular guy.
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