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 A few weeks ago I picked up a 2007 Johnny A Signature guitar. I have wanted one of these since I played a few new ones 15 or so years ago at Dave's Guitar. Back then there was no way I could justify buying one of these but times have changed and I found a great deal on a nice used one. The guitar is as nice as I remembered it but there was a very sharp break angle between the Bigsby and the ABR bridge. So much so that the bridge was leaning towards the pickup and the posts were slightly bent. I ordered up a Bricks Biggs fix and soft spring from the great guys in Alaska. What a difference this has made in the playability of this guitar. The guitar had been in the case for approx. 4 years so some dialing in was required along with a new set of  .011 Ga. nickel wound strings. 

 This is an amazing guitar with the  solid slab mahogany back and sides and the carved arch flame maple top and 2 57 pick ups. It has a super comfortable mahogany neck with ebony fretboard and a 25 1/2" scale. Not to forget some serious bling. The guitar plays so nice I can barely put it down and it has not been back in the case since I bought it as I play it every day. It sounds great through every amp I try it through. I can not believe how luckily I am to finally own a Johnny A, with my wife's full  encouragement.

I wonder if they will ever make these again. I tried to load photos but they are too big.

 No Gibson hater here! This thing is perfect.

 Thanks John

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Sounds nice - I always really liked the way they look. 

Here's one (think it's sold now) - you can see the steep break angle in the 2nd pic:


Very nice in black too -



Upload pics to free image-sharing site (imgur, postimage) and they provide links to the pics....[cool]

Best wishes.

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