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Help identifying Epiphone SG model - brown


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Anyone knows which exact model this guitar could be? It was listed as an standard '61. Buyer changed the description after my questions on it with out detailing the model.

Looks like a worn brown finish. Thought it would be the SG 400 Worn Brown but they used to come with an orange pick up selector.

Serial number says it is from 2016 

January 2016 (serie: 0490)

Made by DeaWon or Unsung, China

Any idea?

i2391802984.webp i2391804838.webp i2391806779.webp i2391808132.webp

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If the 0490 are the last four numbers of the SN they only reflect what number it was coming off the assembly line, the SN doesn’t contain any model info.

In 2016 most Epiphones were made at the at. The Gibson Qingdao factory in China.

All “set neck” Epiphone SG’s were based on the G-400 which is modeled after the Gibson 61 SG.

Bolt-on neck Epiphone SG’s are variations of the G-310.


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