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KSDADDY/Gretsch Arch Top


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No, that's the carved top I finished last year. It's been hanging on the wall in my bedroom for a year and yesterday I drug it out, dressed some rough fret edges, restrung it with 13-56 and played it a bit. I came to the conclusion I didn't like the highly pronounced 'vee' shape of the neck so out came the rasp. Ten minutes later it's much more comfortable. I sanded and steel wooled it and left it naked like a violin's neck. I think I'll leave it that way.


I made some mistakes on it but overall it's a pretty good guitar for someone who gets confused ordering a pizza.




More pics here:



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Jeez, you guys, my head is going to swell.


I basically don't know what I'm doing but I have fun. I don't think I'll ever get to the stage where I could make and sell them. I'm making another mandolin right now and I'd like to make a classical next. I know I can do it and the limiting factor is the availability and cost of the wood. Well, that and motivation. The first mandolin was made in 8 days but this one has been four months and counting. Not very consistent or productive!


Here's the mandolin in it's current ugly stage.



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